Friday, July 1, 2011

(They're Shia, We are Sunni) دا شيعه واحنا سنه

English Translation

They are Shia
We are Sunni
They are nowhere near Egypt
They want to confuse us

Some say they are communists
Pretending to be Shia
The fear, naturally is,
That it’d be twice a revolution

O Mister Crook
We read in the Book
If the people are under threat
To hell with both sects

We read in the Book
That Religion is accountability,
Revolution and belonging
And an eye for an eye

You stole our revolution
And said patience is bliss
Which will result in paradise
And a door with two keys

And so your power escalated
And with you, sin circulated
You made two Islams
You deemed The Imam[1], a heretic
You drove away the doves
To conclude this talk

Yazid[2] or Al Hussein[3]??

[1] Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib
[2] Yazid, the founder of the first hereditary dynasty in Islamic history, the Ummayads
[3] Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet.

Arabic Original

دا شيعه
واحنا سنه
دا فين ومصر فين !
عايزين يدخلونا
نظام ودنك منين
وناس تقول شيوعي
وعامل نفسه شيعي
عشان خايفين طبيعي
ليبقوا ثورتين

يا أسيادنا اللصوص
قرينا ف النصوص
لو الإنسان يلوص
يغوروا الفرقتين

وشفنا ف الكتاب
ولقينا الدين حساب
وثورة وانتساب
وعين تساوي عين

وسرقتوا الثورة منا
وقلتوا الصبر منّه
وعقب الصبر جنّه
وباب بمفتاحين

ودان المَلُك ليكو
وزاد الفجر بيكو
وعملتوا اسلامين
وكفرتوا الامام
وطفشتوا الحمام
وخلاصة الكلام..

يزيد ولاّ الحسين !??

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