Friday, July 1, 2011

(El Mesahraty) المسحراتي

English Translation

The days were enceinte with years
The days gave birth to eternities
For whom does this world last
Only for the Lord the forgiving
Pray to the one, whom on Judgment day, will forgive you
Awaken, ye who slumbered from pain
Identify the roots of your pain
What’s preventing you?
Call out to those who will listen
Call out and say
O neighbors
No matter how long and tedious the night is
Every crime that goes around and comes around
Like the orbiting planets
Pray that God is one, ye faithful
Rise from your slumber, ye forgetful
Rise from your slumber, ye understanding
O lovers of Egypt, my family, my people
You who are sleepless with passion will always suffer
Enough! Awaken! Ye who are sleeping
Unite mankind with me
The night has long been resting
The mournful are nervous
Pray that God is one, ye faithful
You, who are awake in your homes,
You, who unveiled the charade,
You, who can hear the silence,
You, who have been long awake,
Prepare for the rise
Prepare for the rise
Accept from me, my words
Egypt has been asleep for years
Pray that God is one, ye faithful

1- El Mesahraty is traditionally a man who wakes up people in Ramadan to eat before the fasting day begins.

Arabic Original

حبلت الايام سنين
ولدت الايام دهور
دامت الايام لمين
وحدّوا المولى الغفور
صلّي ع اللي في القيامة يشفعك
واصحى يللي نمت من اللي بيوجعك
واكشف اللي بيؤلمك
و بيمنعك
وانده اللي لو ندهته يسمعك
قول يا جارة
قول يا جار
مهما طال الليل وجار
كل جرم وله مدار
و الكواكب دوارين
وحدّوه يا مؤمنين
صحّي نومك يا اسطى فكري يللي ناسي
هلّ يومك يا اسطى مرسي يللي راسي
يا حبايب مصر يا اْهلي يا ناسي
اللي يعشق بالسهر حتما يقاسي
اصحى يا نايم كفاية
وحّد الانسان معاي
طالت الليل الرحايا
والحدادي قلقانين
وحّدوه يا مؤمنين
يللي صاحيين في البيوت
يللي كاشفين المكان
يللي سامعين السكوت
يللي واعيين للزمان
استعدوا للقيام
استعدوا للقيام
واقبلوا مني الكلام
مصر نايمة من سنين
وحّدوه يا مؤمنين

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