Friday, July 1, 2011

(The beginning of our talk) أول كلام

English Translation

The beginning of our talk
The talk about Iran
Surely has no place
In a treacherous media

And the Americans’ voices
Softened, the informants can see
That the poor guy is terrified

If it is recurrent on every lip
And humming in each ear
Words about the treachery
And about the hungered populace

They will issue a conviction
Against the Shah
A conviction would mean revolution
So, don’t accept debate
Can’t uncover the veils
To bring about his complete humiliation

So why would the informants agree
To let anyone oppose
They’re all sick anyways
And the majority is hungry

This is the way
Ignoring the truth
So the people would
In hallucination

For this reason
And that
We will walk into the barbed wires
And we will walk from Al Zamalek
And end up in Al Torgoman
Our word, we will say it
Milk from the father’s bosoms

So the talk was forgotten
So words were parroted

So lend me your ears
I’ll tell you, and you tell me
Ignore all idle chatter
Let’s talk
About Iran

Arabic Original

أول كلام
كلامنا عن ايران
ما لوش طبعا مكان
فى اعلام الخيانه
وصوت الامريكان
لان الامن شايف
بان الأخ خايف
ليلزق على الشفايف
ويلبس فى الودان
كلام عن الخيانه
ومن عالم جعانه
فتظهر الادانه
على الشاه اللى خان
ادانه يعنى ثوره
ما تقبلش المناوره
وفضح وكشف عوره
واخر بهدلان
فليه الامن يرضى
يبحبح للمعارضه
دى عالم يابا مرضى
واغلبهم جعان
وهكذا الطريقه
على الحقيقه
فتبقى الناس
وتسمع شقلبان
او لذلك
حنمشى فى المسالك
ونطلع م الزمالك
نخش الترجمان
وكلمتنا نقولوها
حليب من بز أبوها
فناسنا يسمعوها
فيحصل بغبغان
فهات ودنك يا خلي
اقولك وانت قوللي
وسيبك م اللي واللي
عن ايران

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