Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sooo Translating Ahmed Matar it is!!!!

Democracy is Democracy even if only 7 people Voted!!!
I'm actually very glad that I will have to translate Matar next. I remember when I first started writing Arabic poetry in Grade 4 alot of political stuff that I lost over the years. They weren't at all good but my family pretended I was Hafiz Ibrahim or something so I got a little bit of a "Poet's ego". So my mom came to me one day and she was like of look I wrote a poem too want to hear? And I thought why not! then she started reciting Ahmed Matar's poetry and I thought to myself ah-oh this is really really good and this her first attempt :S :S However to maintain my ego I said it was fine but she needed to work on it. This is when she reveled to me it was actually Matar's work and I was quite embarrassed so I took that huge book of poetry and I read his sarcastic poems and I was really amazed. I tried to model my poems from then on after his and I failed. His poems were such a large part of my life and I love all Iraqis because of him. Anyways fast-forward to 2011 Revolutions Everywhere it seems like Matar's visions are coming true. His most recent poem is a poem for the Syrian Revolution. I found out that he still lives in London I asked everyone I know if they know anyone that could possibly lead me to one of my childhood heroes but alas I found nothing at all!!! One friend jokes A lost Arab in London hmm well you can hang out in Edgware Road and you're bound to run into him. Me being as sad as I am I actually went with my shawarma to Edgware Road still no Ahmed Matar. So if your a stalker, this is my assignment for you. Find me the only man that's ever crushed my ego.
Another thing I don't think too many people read this blog anyways.


  1. When can we see your next post?

  2. lol, i've been designing a book for him, I'm a graphic designer. Let me see if I can help

    1. OMG are you serious!!!

      pleasse email me on
      that would be amazing!