Friday, July 1, 2011

(I Swear to you) عليا الحرنكش

English Translation

I swear to you, President Mubarak
In this ornamented age, designed by your fire
I will vote for you, your regime, and even your donkey
Curse anyone that defies your decisions
His morning will be hell and his night will be Mubarak
So have your fun; try to kill our faith
Our faith is lost upon watching Gamal
You’re (Gamal) beauty is (Mubarak) blessed ; Your Suzanne is our Suzanne
How grand is that siege you have on Egypt!
The country in which each breeze now grills our corpses
I support and vote for your Excellency, your majesty
And I will even pledge support to those that wipe your drools
We’ll forget your idiocy since you justify it by deceit
Relax Mr. President; play with “your dove”
The dove of peace is your dove
Bless your dove and bless you
Dear Mr. President you are the dove of peace
On the hills of Egypt have your fun
Roam the dumps, like a stray
And order us around, we will oblige
Your people are tired and breathless

1 Pun intended; Gamal means beauty. Gamal is also Mubarak’s son.
2 Pun intended; Mubarak means blessed.
3 Suzanne is Hosni Mubarak’s wife.

Arabic Original

عليا الحرنكش يا ريس مبارك
فى عصرمزركش ملون بنارك
لابايعك وأبايع حكومة حمارك
ملعون أبو اللى يقدريقاطع قرارك
نهاره مقندل وليله مبارك
فهمبك وهجص وطلع فى ديننا
أكيد هو طالع يشاهد جمالك
جمالك مبارك سوزانك سوزاننا
يا محلا حصارك لمصر اللى جالنا
نسيمها فى عصرك بيشوى ف بدنا
أؤيد وأبايع فخامة جلالتك
وأيد أى واحد بيمسح ريالتك
ولأنك سر باتع هاننسى هبالتك
فأقعد يا ريس ودلدل حمامتك
حمامة السلام حمامتك ياريس
سلامة الحمامة وسلامتك ياريس
ياريس حمامة ياريس كويس
على تل مصر ياريتك تهيص
خرابة فسيحة عليها تمتيس
وأأمر تطاع فشعبك مفيص

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